Improve Your Business Smarts With Free Online Education Resources

No matter what your profession is, we could all stand to learn something. And even the most seasoned real estate pro can benefit by brushing up on at least a few of the many, many disciplines the industry touches.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to night school to fill in whatever gaps you feel might be in your education. Massive Open Online Courses – or MOOCs – are revolutionizing access to education by providing Web-based learning, often from top-tier universities. And it doesn’t cost a dime.

Here a few of the most popular sites and a few tips on what real estate professionals, as well as homebuyers, can learn from them.

Khan Academy

Salman Khan, an MIT and Harvard Business School graduate, founded Khan Academy. The nonprofit spun out of his efforts to tutor a cousin in math via YouTube. The course offerings are eclectic – everything from basic algebra to art history – but there are many classes here that relate to the basic economic forces that shape the housing industry.

For understanding the recent housing boom and bust, the site offers a digestible primer on the mortgage-backed securities and the housing bubble of the last decade.


Befitting its Stanford roots, Udacity is heavily focused on science and computer programming. But let’s face it: Coding is taking over pretty much every industry imaginable. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial, check out the course How to Build a Startup taught by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Blank.

MIT Open CourseWare

If you really want to build your own digital night school, MIT has opened up an impressive amount of its catalog to the Internet. The classes are the same as the ones MIT students attend; the lectures are merely posted online. There are courses to benefit pretty much anyone in business, including a wide range of management and leadership courses from the Sloan School of Management. Sure, you won’t earn an MBA, but the knowledge is free.

Tom Ferry Coaching

Tom is one of the top real estate trainers for agents looking to take their businesses to the next level. Tom offers free training and videos on his website as well as on his YouTube Channel. Everybody needs a coach even greats such as Michael Jordan did. Some even call him the “Tony Robbins of Real Estate” either way he will help you take your business to the next week. If you are serious about quantum leaping your business then you’ll hire him to help get you there.

App Sumo

App Sumo’s YouTube Channel has a ton of free high quality education. We especially like this video on Rapportive (if you are a real estate professional the Rapportive Google Email App and Chrome Extension is a must to grow your business, its like LinkedIn Premium on Steroids).

App Sumo also has some amazing paid anti-wantrepreneur products like Ruby on Rails for Beginners, Social Media Hacks, Productivity Tips, WordPress Resources, and some killer Email Templates to fuel your business.

Apple Retail

Its not online but go take a free workshop at your local Apple retail store

PC Classes Online

While not free they have some high quality classes online from the comfort of your own home. Facebook for Business, Social Media for Small Business, Microsoft Office Basics, and Intro to Windows 8 may be some good classes for real estate professionals.

Jairek Robbins Companies

Jairek offers coaching and peak performance strategies to business professionals. Try his “Ideal Day Design” and his “Rapid Results


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