The Different Segments of Real Estate Technology

In an earlier post we discussed how the real estate industry as a whole accounts for $1.9Trillion, or 12% of GNP. We also pointed out that residential real estate investing is a 24% segment of the residential real estate market. – All numbers, stats and trends that cannot be ignored. 

In a recent article done by CB Insights they discuss “The Rise of Real Estate Tech: Venture Capital Funding and Deal Activity See Huge Growth” and they point to the public successes of hedgehogs, Zillow and Trulia, for paving the path.

We’ve discussed time and time again that real estate is one of the most underserved industries in terms of technology – and now with the return of the housing market it seems Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs are both determined to bring the industry out of the 1980’s and into today’s technology.

Technology is now riding the wave of housing. Growth sometimes causes confusion so we thought we would put together a graph of some of the players and some of the startups and what segments of the market each are in. Whether you are a VC, Angel, Home Buyer, Home Owner, Home Seller, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Originator, Title Rep, or Journalist you need to research and understand all of these companies. If you pay close enough attention and you educate yourself, you may be able to spot a trend and capitalize on it.  Who is the next hedgehog?

The Different Segments of Real Estate Technology


Remember, “A hedgehog concept is not a goal, to be the best, it is an understanding of what you can be best at.” Jim Collins, Author, Good to Great

We are hedgehogs, here at Revestor, in the sense that we are the only ones that can run investment calculations over live listings, (a search engine for real estate investors). We own that technology and we plan to have razor-sharp-hedgehog focus on that one thing so we can add immense value to our users and maximize all monetization opportunities.

[If your company is missing in the graph please comment below with what segment (circle) you think your Company belongs in and why]

UPDATE: Here are a couple good ones that aren’t on the graph…we will continue to add to this list as comments come in

Rentals{ Apartment List, OnMyBlock …

Paperless{ NuOffer …

Niche/HyperLocal{ Porch, BlockAvenue, NextDoor …

Crowdfunding{ RealtyShares



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