How to Knock your 2014 Goals out of the Park

We’re more than 45 days into the New Year (more than 10% of the year has pasted us by). Are you keeping up with your new year resolutions? How committed are you to your real estate business goals this year? Have you worked your plan backwards? If not here is your real estate [agent or loan officer] goal setting workshop.

Hit it out of the PARK!

Insert Your Numbers Here:

  • $500,000 2014 Income =
  • 100 Closed Transactions ($250K Average Deal minus Broker Splits = $5,000/deal) =
  • 8 Closings Per Month (2 Closings Per Week) =
  • 10 Escrows Per Month (2.5/Wk (80% pull-through ratio)) =
  • 15 Offers/Applications/Listing Appts Per Month (4 Per Week (shoot for 1 Per Day)) =
  • 300 New Leads/Prospects Per Month (75/Wk, 10/Day)* =

*Yes your marketing should be on 7days/wk

  • 1,500 Touches (Jabs) Per Month* (375 Per Week, 50-100 Per Day)=

*”5 Touch Rule,” touch every new prospect at least 5 times per month

Preferably all 5 touches should be a Phone Call
-Hit them with an E-mail (Attach Revestor Flyer)
-Hit them with a Text
-Hit (add) them on LinkedIn (Use Rapportive to do this, and add something of value to your LinkedIn feed daily) 
-Get them subscribed to Listing Alerts in their criteria (or interest rate alerts if you’re an LO) 
-Get them on your e-Newsletter (the same one you use for your existing database)
-Send them a handwritten note via snail mail

***Find a CRM that does most of this automatically to exponentially increase your results***

In summary, FOCUS in on the activities that create direct results rather than activities that don’t (outsource/automate/use tools for those).

Without leads there are no prospects. Without contacting/jabbing those prospects there are no appointments. Without you getting in front of and closing those appointments by offering value, uniqueness and insights there are no escrows/originations. AND without escrows/originations there are no closings/fundings!

Yes, you will make $500,000 plus per year if you generate/purchase 300 leads per month and JAB 75 of them per day or 1,500 times per month with the right tools. Break it down backwards and break it down daily. Find the rituals/activities that you must focus in on daily and the rest will fall into place.


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