2 Events that have most likely Killed your Momentum and 5 Things You Can Do About it Now!

Have you suddenly realized that 2014 isn’t shaping up to be the year you thought it would be? The fact is activity is at a two-decade low.

Mortgage interest rates spiked in July by over 100bps and in October our Gov’t decided to shutdown and create the longest holiday in US History¬†. These two events (that were out of your control, btw) most likely killed the momentum in your business and now you’re most likely trying to get it kickstarted back up again.

Do you believe we are still in a “holiday hangover” and are you waiting around for things to “hopefully” get better in the Spring?

Here are 5 things you can do (that ARE in your control) to kickstart your business regardless of the events around you.

1.) DECIDE to BECOME a GLADIATOR! When everyone else is waiting in limbo and scared decide that it is YOUR TIME to STEP UP! Be Strong and Fight for your deals to the death. No mercy! Make winning a MUST! Create your own market if you have to!

2.) DOUBLE down on your MARKETING. Yes, that’s right invest in your business when everyone else is scared. Less competition =’s more profit and market share for you.

3.) DOUBLE down on your PITCHING. Just like Anger is a low-level of Rage, Selling is a low-level of Pitching. Sending or handing out e-mails, texts, social messages, flyers and business cards are not activities that will create direct results. Those are touches aka jabs and quite frankly they don’t count. Jabs are fine and are needed for the knockout but the TRUTH is if all you do is Jab you’re weak! If you want the knockout you need to perform your entire pitch on as many prospects as you can as many times as you can. Listen to your intuition and address their objections head-on, then it’s a done deal. If you don’t get through your whole pitch and you don’t get all the objections out-of-the-way it doesn’t count. Imagine, that you and your prospect are connected at the solar plexuses via a cord of light giving you the ability to feel every emotion. Visualize this and you will connect on a deeper level than you ever have before.

4.) DOUBLE your EFFORTS. Work hard, harder than you’ve ever worked before. This alone will allow you to run circles around your competition. There is no such thing as the “4-Hour Workweek”! You know that right? The book’s title was decided upon through a Google Adwords A/B test and one that would create book SALES. If you actually read the book you realize it has nothing to do with a 4-Hour Workweek, it has to do with being effective. The good news is most of your competition just read the title and not the book.

5.) BE a Pro. Dominate the competition and be the Pro who helps Investors buy and sell in your market. “Pro” or “Professional” is derived from the word “Profess” defined as ‘…to affirm one’s faith in or allegiance to a set of beliefs…’ If you commit to your profession/trade and you believe in yourself, your product, your company and your industry others will see that commitment in you and you will attract them into your business.


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