We’re Not Zillow

How many times have you been asked this question. “So….. what do you do”? It’s an open ended question but is usually in reference to work. I get asked this question all the time and once I’m done explaining the origin of my name (Irish family name, pronounced like Steven without the “S”) the conversation get’s back to what it is I do. For work.

Them: “So what do you”?

Me: “I work with a real estate tech start up called Revestor”.

Them: “Oh cool! What’s Revestor”?

Me: “It’s a platform that allows users to analyze properties from an investor’s perspective”.

Them: “So…..like Zillow”?

No, not like Zillow. It’s conversations like these that got me thinking. I need to do a better job explaining what Revestor is, who it’s for and what we’re out to accomplish. Revestor can be a very powerful tool. If users understand how to use it. Users who create a free account and understand the benefits of our platform can create efficiencies in their business by…..

  • Setting their own investment criteria. Desired cash flow, desired cap rate and more
  • Saving specific searches (unlimited)
  • Saving specific properties for quick access (unlimited)
  • Receiving email alerts on saved searches and saved properties (you decide)
  • Controlling the numbers yourself
  • + more to come

So let me back up one paragraph and tell you why we’re not like Zillow.

Zillow will tell you what a home’s value is (kind of) and not give you control over that number. With Revestor, we bring in all the key metrics for real estate investing and let you adjust the numbers to estimate things like:

  • Net operating income
  • Capitalization rate
  • Cash flow
  • Debt service ratio
  • Cash on cash return
  • & more

This control gives our users the ability to make more informed decisions when it comes to acquiring real property. You no longer are buying a property just based on its estimated value and the payment you can afford – you’re now looking at it from many different angles. You can answer important questions like:

  • What is the best price to pay for the property?
  • How much rent can I make?
  • What is the optimal down payment?
  • How much can I profit on a monthly basis after all expenses and the mortgage payment?
  • How much can I potentially profit when I sell the property in the future?

So what is Revestor? We are a platform that enables users to search, analyze and acquire investment properties. It stands for Real Estate + Investor

So who is Revestor for? It’s for real estate investors (users) and for real estate professionals (advertisers).

#1 Real estate investors – As mentioned above. Revestor is a real estate investment calculator that allows you to run the numbers over live listings. No more extracting data from multiple MLS’s saving you countless hours of number crunching.

#2 Real estate agents – Investors buy homes at nearly twice the rate as traditional home buyers. So while you as an agent may have to write a handful of lowball offers know that you’re getting a client who will need your services twice as much.

What are we out to accomplish? We’re out to improve the way people invest in real estate. We believe that technology is supposed to make things easier and that technology has not yet improved the real estate investing process (we hope to change that). We will continue to bring you more listings, more tools and certified professionals to help you grow your portfolio. Sign up for a FREE account below.

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