We’re Not Zillow

How many times have you been asked this question. “So….. what do you do”? It’s an open ended question but is usually in reference to work. I get asked this question all the time and once I’m done explaining the origin of my name (Irish family name, pronounced like Steven without the “S”) the conversation get’s back to what it is I do. For work.

Them: “So what do you”?

Me: “I work with a real estate tech start up called Revestor”.

Them: “Oh cool! What’s Revestor”?

Me: “It’s a platform that allows users to analyze properties from an investor’s perspective”.

Them: “So…..like Zillow”?

No, not like Zillow. It’s conversations like these that got me thinking. I need to do a better job explaining what Revestor is, who it’s for and what we’re out to accomplish. Revestor can be a very powerful tool. If users understand how to use it. Users who create a free account and understand the benefits of our platform can create efficiencies in their business by…..

  • Setting their own investment criteria. Desired cash flow, desired cap rate and more
  • Saving specific searches (unlimited)
  • Saving specific properties for quick access (unlimited)
  • Receiving email alerts on saved searches and saved properties (you decide)
  • Controlling the numbers yourself
  • + more to come

So let me back up one paragraph and tell you why we’re not like Zillow.

Zillow will tell you what a home’s value is (kind of) and not give you control over that number. With Revestor, we bring in all the key metrics for real estate investing and let you adjust the numbers to estimate things like:

  • Net operating income
  • Capitalization rate
  • Cash flow
  • Debt service ratio
  • Cash on cash return
  • & more

This control gives our users the ability to make more informed decisions when it comes to acquiring real property. You no longer are buying a property just based on its estimated value and the payment you can afford – you’re now looking at it from many different angles. You can answer important questions like:

  • What is the best price to pay for the property?
  • How much rent can I make?
  • What is the optimal down payment?
  • How much can I profit on a monthly basis after all expenses and the mortgage payment?
  • How much can I potentially profit when I sell the property in the future?

So what is Revestor? We are a platform that enables users to search, analyze and acquire investment properties. It stands for Real Estate + Investor

So who is Revestor for? It’s for real estate investors (users) and for real estate professionals (advertisers).

#1 Real estate investors – As mentioned above. Revestor is a real estate investment calculator that allows you to run the numbers over live listings. No more extracting data from multiple MLS’s saving you countless hours of number crunching.

#2 Real estate agents – Investors buy homes at nearly twice the rate as traditional home buyers. So while you as an agent may have to write a handful of lowball offers know that you’re getting a client who will need your services twice as much.

What are we out to accomplish? We’re out to improve the way people invest in real estate. We believe that technology is supposed to make things easier and that technology has not yet improved the real estate investing process (we hope to change that). We will continue to bring you more listings, more tools and certified professionals to help you grow your portfolio. Sign up for a FREE account below.

Happy hunting,



The Only Constant is Change

We’re out to redefine the way people search, analyze and acquire real estate investments. At Revestor, we’re constantly improving and our latest update is focused on how you search.

While we’re pretty lucky to have a solid team, we know we don’t have all the answers. So we’ve taken your feedback, walked it through design and are currently having our developers test. Here’s a little peek at what your new homepage will look like.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 12.39.54

The entire process of real estate investing begins with a search. How do people look for real estate investments? Initially, we referred to our platform as a search engine for real estate investing. While we’ve grown Revestor to be much more than that, the logic behind this starting point remains the same.

Think about Google for a minute and why they’re successful. It’s relevance. If you do a search and aren’t given relevant results you’re not going through page after page. What you’re doing is returning to the homepage, refining your search and continuing to do so until you can find what it is you’re looking for. The same logic applies to our new homepage. We don’t want you to search through properties that aren’t relevant to your investment goals.

So what kind of real estate investor are you?

#1 – Buy & Hold (Long term rentals)

Are you looking to acquire properties and hold them for an extended period of time?

#2 – Buy & Hold (Vacation / short term rentals)

Are you looking to acquire properties and rent them out daily or weekly on sites such as Airbnb?

#3 – Fix & Flip (Rehab & resell)

Maybe you’re looking to buy, rehab and sell?

Based on your answer, we will display the relevant properties and allow you to control the numbers to begin analyzing opportunities. Speaking of analyzing, be sure to sign up for email notifications as we’ll be releasing new posts and videos each week explaining each of these methods in great detail.

*Revestor Tip*
Create a free account to gain access to these features

  • Refine search – Allows users to set specific investment criteria
  • Save search – Allows users to save specific searches
  • Save properties – Allows users to save specific properties in their profile
  • Email alerts – Receive notifications when properties that meet your investment criteria come on the market or have a change in status  

Happy hunting,

We’re Back!

When you’re a start up business, especially in the technology space, it’s tough to cover all of your bases. Case in point, we haven’t updated our blog since November. Seems like a good time to do that.

Let me take you back to where it all started.

Like any good idea the concept of Revestor was born while drinking beer. Our CEO, Bill Lyons and myself were sharing a couple brews on a Sunday afternoon when we landed on the topic of real estate. At the time I was with another technology start up. We were in the process of building a piece of software that would improve on what we deemed a faulty process. Bill and I found a similar fault in the real estate investing process and decided we could improve it. That was in 2012.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve built an amazing platform but real estate and technology are still in a vicious tug-o-war. Brokers and agents who used to control the data and inventory no longer do. Now, it seems technology is controlling that data and inventory. Agents have no choice but to embrace this change and get in between the technology and consumer to stay alive. The ultimate winner in this battle is the consumer, who now comes to the negotiating table armed with information. Unfortunately it’s not always good information (think Zestimate). When we built Revestor it was important for us to…

  1. Use technology to improve the process of real estate investing
  2. Give investors a platform where they could control the numbers
  3. Give agents a platform to market investment opportunities and attract investors

Technology is just that, improving a process, saving time and money. When we started Revestor there wasn’t a clear starting point for real estate investors. There were, and still are, plenty of books, how to’s, seminars and Gurus that claim they have the secret recipe for real estate investors. A lot of times these recipes come with a heavy price tag for the investor too. A few things about us:

  1. We built a platform that allows you to search for investments, nationwide
  2. We allow you to run the numbers over actual properties
  3. We have a network of professional agents that can help you
  4. We’re 100% free to use

One thing that all real estate investors have in common is that they are business owners. If you’ve been a business owner before you know there are two things you can count on with absolute certainty.

#1. Everything will take more time than you expected

#2. Everything will cost more money than you calculated

In the 15 years that I’ve been self – employed I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who told me their business took less time and made them more money than they anticipated. If I asked each of these people what they’ve learned along the way I’d have a hard time getting them to stop talking. My point here as it relates to real estate investing, Revestor and running your own business is going to take some time. Educate yourself on the process. Decide what market(s) are good for you. Talk to a professional agent who can help.  

Happy hunting,



Use Mobile Friendly Website Instead of Revestor App!

Please Do Not Use Revestor App – Many of you have asked questions about our app and have mentioned issues you have had with it. So we wanted to make sure to clear up any confusion about it. Our efforts have been spent updating the entire website to be mobile friendly so you are able to use it on any device. There is no need to use the old Revestor app anymore. If you have it please delete it and use our website on your mobile browser instead.

It is on our list to have our iOS app updated but for now our mobile website works just as well as it does on a desktop. If you want to be able to quickly log on and search properties, you can add Revestor to your phone or iPad’s home screen. Here are the illustrated directions below using safari on an iPhone.

Press the middle icon on the bottom screen of Safari (the square with an arrow pointing out of it).

Revestor home page iPhone

It will bring up this screen of options, select Add to Home Screen.

revestor iphone share

You will then be able to name it whatever you would like.

revestor home screen save

This is what it will look like once saved as an icon on your home screen.

Revestor home screen add icon

Thank you for your patience and loyalty as we continue to grow and better our services.

What’s your Exit Strategy?

When investing in real estate one of the key things you need to consider is whether you are going to Buy and Hold the property or Fix and Flip it. Each option has it’s pros and cons. We give you the calculations to see what your outcome would be either way.

Initially, on each detail page the calculations will be set to Buy and Hold. To calculate Net Profit (before taxes and inflation) and Return On Investment (ROI) we initially assume that you’ll hold the property for 5 years at an estimated appreciation rate of 4% per year. We also take into account 8% in closing costs when you sell the property.

Screenshot 2015-09-16 10.23.33

You can also change your exit strategy to Fix and Flip. We initially assume that you’ll sell the property for 143% of what you bought it for, that you’ll spend 10% in improvements and 8% in closing costs. We even calculate how much it will cost you in mortgage payments and expenses between the time you acquire the property until you sell it.

Screenshot 2015-09-16 10.23.42

Check it out for yourself at Revestor.com!

Why it’s Smart to Invest in College Towns

College towns should be the first place you should look for investment properties when starting out or as a seasoned investor. They will continue to be busy markets with a consistent demand for housing from students looking to rent since most schools do not have enough on-campus housing. With students are only looking for temporary housing, it gives you the opportunity to add value to the house in-between tenants. Meaning you can increase your rental income.

We searched Revestor.com and found these 11 cash flowing housing markets based around college towns.

University of South Carolina

Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.49.12

University of Southern California // University of California, Los Angeles

Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.51.31

Chico State

Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.52.51

University of Michigan

Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.55.20


Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.56.10


Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.57.43

New York University

Screenshot 2015-08-20 12.59.51

University of Florida

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.01.18

Arizona State University

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.02.32

Georgetown University

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.03.24

Ohio State University

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.04.36


As you can see prices vary from town to town but overall there are a lot of profitable opportunities for investment. Search your favorite college town and let us know what you find! Share your screen shots with us for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

GIVEAWAY in Celebration of Our Launch August 15th!

We’re giving away a MacBook Air to celebrate the launch of our brand new desktop and mobile platform August 15th!

revestor launch macbook air

You can get up to 4 chances to win. Just follow the instructions below.

1 entry =
2 entries =
3 entries =
4 entries =
We’ll be tallying up all the entries on August 15th and choosing one lucky winner. You will be notified via email so make sure to check the email address you use to sign up!


How to Present Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Close more deals with Branded Investment Property Presentations



5 EASY Steps Agents & LOs can use to increase their commissions in 2014:

1.) Find a home-for-sale on www.revestor.com
2.) Use our proprietary interactive investment calculator (Adjust Purchase Price, Rental Income, Expenses, Downpayment, Years Held, Potential Appreciation Rate, etc.)
3.) Hit the ‘Print To PDF’ button
4.) Share the PDF with your Clients, Prospects via Email, Social Media, Networking Events and REI Clubs
5.) Tell escrow to wire your commissions to your bank account!

The Flyer below is just an example…now it’s your turn to try! Export Properties in your area and Make it YOUR pic and YOUR contact info! GO do it NOW…

Example of Exportable Property Flyer

New Feature: Branded PDF Presentation

Real Estate Professionals can now export a branded PDF presentation of a listed investment property on the site to potential partners, investors and/or clients. This exciting new feature allows users to present investment opportunities to prospects after they have made adjustments on the detail page. Users can adjust the rent, suggest a purchase price, down payment, hold period, etc. that would best optimize the investment.

The branded PDFs have been released on the site in basic format and will be professionally designed into a colorful presentation over the next week or so. Before we complete the design we would like User Feedback to help improve the presentations. If you are a Premium User, or are thinking about upgrading, go find a property on the site, adjust the investment indicators and export it to a PDF, then share it with some friends! Give us feedback in the comments below…

see pre-designed preview here: Revestor-Listing-Scottsdale-AZ-85251 (no revisions)