Revestor iPhone App v1.0

Revestor Helps iPhone Users Find Homes-for-Sale by the Highest Potential Returns in your GPS Location

Revestor, in partnership with EvolverMobile, has released an iPhone app that will help real estate investors, Realtors and home buyers get the information they need to make better real estate investment decisions. Revestor uses a patent-pending algorithm to compile data to generate key real estate indicators. This application not only provides location-based real estate search but, also finds homes-for-sale, investment properties, estimated rents, property details, pictures, potential cash flow, estimated mortgage payment, potential cash-on-cash return, potential return on invest (ROI),RevestorRating, and more – all by your GPS location.  This app is currently available in Miami, Las Vegas, The Phoenix Metropolitan Area, San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Orange County with plans to be nationwide by September 2012.

“We are excited to have this app on the market. We could not have brought this app to market without the expertise of EvolverMobile.” said Bill LyonsRevestor Founder and CEO.

“This is a smart and powerful tool that utilizes the growing mobile user-base and improves the way we buy real estate,” says Michael O’Kane, CEO of Evolver. “Revestor provides the analysis and key financial indicators of a geographic real estate area instantly and literally in the hands and minds of interested investors.  Better, faster information on your mobile device to facilitate better, faster decisions.  A 21st century solution for the real estate market.”

Download Revestor Real Estate today:

Future plan include iPhone v1.1, Android, iPad and Windows8