[UPDATE] You can now override RevestorRent© by Upgrading to our Premium Membership

If there are any WACKY rents in your area PLEASE let us know right away so we can fix them. Your feedback is what helps us get more accurate.

In some areas of the country (especially vacation home areas) we have found some estimated rents to be TOO high or TOO low.

Please contact us at www.revestor.com/contact with the MLS#, Address or Revestor URL and we can override any property on the fly.

RevestorRent is comprised of a formula/algorithm and actual rental comps. The more properties we have the more the algorithm starts to recognize patterns in the data and will get more accurate over time.

User feedback is also helping us get more accurate.

We will be adding an easy to use “Suggest a Rent” button next to the estimated rent on the site shortly for users. In the meantime just simply adjust the rent accordingly with the sliders on the detail page.

We don’t claim to be perfect or 100% accurate but in most areas we are pretty close and provide a good starting point for people to start to work off of.

Now that we are nationwide we have seen a couple areas with WACKY rents so its all a work in progress. Its all about the support we are getting from our users. We have a lot of users giving valuable feedback so the site is really becoming user driven. We have a lot of people rooting for us and that is gratifying for the team and I.