Boost Your Real Estate Business With a Tablet

The tablet computer is probably one of the best things ever to happen to real estate professionals, who are constantly on the go. Not only are devices like the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab excellent presentation tools, but they can also eliminate the need to lug around the old-fashioned document folder.

Our guess would be that the real estate industry is second behind the medical industry in terms of tablet usage. (That is why Revestor is working on some top secret cool stuff when it comes to the tablet.)


Here are four reasons to take a tablet with you on your next walk and talk, whether you’re showing a home or checking one out for yourself.

Use it as a presentation tool

Apps like Keynote for iPad and OfficeSuite Pro for Android devices can be used to give what is basically an on-the-move PowerPoint presentation, but without the bulky projector. Photos also look great, especially on later models. It can be quick and effective to show improvements made to the home, before and after photos and other information, as well.

Store and review documents

Thanks to cloud storage apps like Dropbox, G Drive and Box, there is no need to lug around a heavy file of paperwork with you from meeting to meeting. There is also zero danger that you’ll forget to bring an important document. With your information stored in the cloud, you can be almost assured that you’ll have the answer to pretty much anything a client asks, directly at your fingertips.

Capture signatures

Digital signature apps are getting better and better. Apps like DocuSign and RightSignature allow you to capture and store signatures directly on an iPad or other tablet. And in most cases, these apps are compatible with a number of different formats, including PDFs and Word documents. This saves money and hassle when it comes to printing and sending documents.

One note: It’s worth it to invest in a good stylus. Sketching with your finger won’t create a good-looking or clear signature. A couple of the best models are the Jot Pro and the Pogo Sketch +.