Revestor Creates Strategic Partnership with ListedBy

Here at Revestor we constantly strive to improve and add as much value as we can for our Users and the Real Estate Community as a whole. We are constantly seeking out strategic partners that will help real estate investors and Realtors who work with real estate investors make more profit.

By providing an effective tool for real estate professionals to search, identify and analyze Properties on the MLS by Cash Flow and Cap Rate we are quickly becoming a must have for real estate investors and those who work with real estate investors.

We strategically partnered with because we believe it will add value to our Users by giving real estate agents an additional place to post their listings and find direct Buyers for those listings in an auction like format. We also believe when ListedBy users create a free Revestor account it will add more value to them by allowing them to search ON MARKET listings that may not be on ListedBy and to analyze deals that they find listed on ListedBy.

We are exciting about relationship with ListedBy and the value it adds to our combined Users. Stay tuned as we are working on some additional strategic partnerships that will add even more value and help you grow your business even more.

Read the full press release here on RIS Media

Connected Investors

Here at REvestor we provide you with cutting edge technology to help you instantly filter though millions of properties to find the deals that will provide you with the greatest ROI. We understand that even with all of these deals at your fingertips, real estate investing is a relationship business. The REVestor team wants to ensure that you have access to the relationships you need to accelerate your real estate investing success.

Most business professionals have read about when Henry Ford sued a reporter of the Chicago Tribune for slander after they printed an article calling him an ignorant man.

During this trial the defense worked on proving that Mr. Ford was in fact ignorant.  They went about this by quizzing him on current events and history.

After several dozen questions Mr. Ford got fed up and stated:

“If I should really WANT to answer the foolish question you have just asked, or any of the other questions you have been asking me, let me remind you that I have a row of electric push-buttons on my desk, and by pushing the right button, I can summon to my aid men who can answer ANY question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts. Now, will you kindly tell me, WHY should I clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?”

After this famous quote Mr. Ford won his trial.

As a real estate investor you now have an electric row of “push buttons” available to you. When pressing these buttons you can summon to your side any real estate professional, investment opportunity, relationship, or resource you need to do your first or next real estate deal inside Connected Investors

Connected Investors is the world’s largest social network of real estate investors. In addition to their online architecture, they also hold over 30 live networking / deal doing meetings all around the United States.

Become a Connected Investor, to receive your “Push Button” real estate investing system today.

Here at Revestor we won’t recommend any one real estate networking or educational product/site. There are many real estate networking and educational sites out there so please do your own due-diligence. From time to time we will refer you to a few select websites we feel are of value but it is ultimately up to you to decide what works best for you.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is a key real estate indicator that is often used in real estate investing to help determine risk and value.

If real estate investors use cash flow, why wouldn’t you? After all, buying a home to live in is also an investment.

Cash flow is defined as the amount of money left over each month after all expenses and mortgage payments.

Gross Rental Income: $2,000/mo

–  Expenses:       $800/mo

–  Mortgage:       $1,000/mo


= Cash flow:       $ 200/mo

Expenses can include Taxes, Insurance, HOA, Mello Roos, Management, etc.








Mortgage is the financing costs of the property based on the interest rate and down payment. Mortgage payment should not include taxes and insurance since you are already accounting for them in the expenses section. You are certainty welcome to impound your taxes and insurance and pay them along with your mortgage just make sure you don’t double count.

While there are other key real estate indicators you should take into account, cash flow is one of the most important.

Whether you are a homebuyer or a real estate investor, knowing if you can rent a home for your payments is important and can help bring a piece-of-mind.

If you were to lose your job, get relocated, expand your family, or experience any other major life event it helps to know if you don’t have the option of selling that you can turn the home into an investment property. Not only does this scenario help your retirement portfolio but can also help increase your chances of getting qualified to buy a new home.

Back in the real estate bubble investors were willing to sacrifice cash flow and earn negative cash flow in the hopes that the property would go up in value (appreciation). It is never a good idea to buy a property based on the potential for appreciation alone. Some say appreciation is a bonus. I’d go even further to say that appreciation is a gift for living in America. You don’t get appreciation if you live in some parts of the world. Be grateful for it and use it wisely.

Don’t make the same mistakes that your friends and neighbors did in 2005. Get educated at and make your buying decisions based on quantifiable key real estate indicators.