How Many Realtors Are At Your Football Game

Ever go to a party and find that every other person is a realtor?

If you’re living in Arizona, Hawaii or Florida, there’s a decent chance you have. While California leads the pack in terms of sheer numbers of realtors, those states are the top three for realtors per capita according to an article published midyear by business news website

The numbers themselves were compiled from the National Association of Realtors. To give you a sense of the fierce competition out there, consider this: In Arizona, which ranks first in the nation for realtors per capita, there is one realtor for every 168 residents.

Now let’s put that number in perspective. Let’s say you went to an Arizona Cardinals football game at University of Phoenix Stadium, located in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix. The stadium capacity is 63,400 people. If the stadium sold out to a perfect representation of Arizona’s population, at least 377 of those people would be realtors.

Here is a look at the numbers, in more detail:

1. Arizona, 1 realtor for every 168 residents.

2. Hawaii, 1 for every 173 residents.

3. Florida, 1 for every 175 residents.

4. Washington, D.C., 1 for every 193 residents.

5. Nevada, 1 for every 200 residents.

6. New Jersey, 1 for every 201 residents.

7. Connecticut, 1 for every 229 residents.

8. California, 1 for every 241.

9. Colorado, 1 for every 257 residents.

10. Idaho, 1 for every 267 residents

The profession has generally been on the rise again as the housing market recovers from the dismal years that capped off the end of the last decade. Places like South Carolina have reported an uptick in people entering the profession. But, even so, in some places, the profession is clearly still a draw.