Revestor’s Nationwide Launch

Revestor Announces National Release of Real Estate Application.

‘The Way to Search Real Estate’ has arrived at

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Go to and Signup for your free user account so you can be the first to know when new features get released (Profiles, Advanced/Custom Searching, Foreclosure Auctions, Targeted Ads for Real Estate Professionals, Alerts, Android App, iPad App, Android App, Windows 8 App) – We will never spam you or sell your information!
  • What can I do to help make the site better? Let us know if…
    • The site has limited coverage in your area;
    • You’re a real estate professional and you want to learn more about our ‘Targeted Ads’
    • The rent on a property or these properties seem to be off;
    • You want to be able to put in your own down payment & hold period in the initial search criteria;
    • The iPhone app doesn’t have all the features that the site does and want them;
    • There is a bug on the site, “I’m not able to…”;

You can help us improve by giving us feedback at or if there is a BUG or a rent that is off please let us know about it so we can fix it. We don’t claim to be perfect and will get better by YOU the user providing valuable feedback

THANK YOU for your support. Today is an historical day for our company. We have been working very hard to bring you an experience like no other!