BloodHound Unchained Real Estate Conference Anaheim

While attending the National Association of Realtors annual conference in Anaheim we decided to veer off the beaten path on Friday and attend BloodHound Unchained. The group invited us to present/demo Revestor and so of course we accepted the invitation with open arms. We gave them a little sneak of whats to come this month and received some great questions and feedback. Most of the group signed up on the spot to reserve their username and even were nice enough to share their unique URL with friends and other real estate professionals!

Bill Lyons Revestor

Bill Lyons CEO of Revestor

[Side Note: No I am not normally a grizzly bear. I am involved in a charity called Movember Facial Hair Formal to squash cancer put on by one of our advisors Teevan McManus as well as sportscaster and friend John Weisbarth.]

I would best describe Bloodhound Unchained as a mini inman conference where technology meets real estate (yes that is Inman’s tagline not mine). No, but seriously, a conference/training event/seminar/social/networking event with a tight group of cool geeks getting real results and real organic leads with hard work, software, unique content, blogs, links, SEO, email marketing and more! I know that isn’t a sentence but neither is bloodhound unchained. I was impressed to say the least and I learned some really cool stuff and so did Carlos Pastrana, our friend and agent from San Diego who also attended.

Special thanks to: Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty in Phoenix for sharing tips, tricks, and secrets on lead generation. Scott Schang of Homeownership University in Orange County for sharing his WordPress tips and plugins, conversion techniques, and analytics. Mark Madsen and Tony Sena of Shelter Realty in Las Vegas for sharing their overall marketing techniques and passion for unique content that has driven their real estate sales and property management to new heights. Brian Brady of Mortgage Rates Report in San Diego for the invite and email marketing tips. And last but not least, Eric Blackwell of Eric on Search for the amazing SEO training.

Attending events like these is not about “I know most of this or all of this stuff” (Yes, some content may be a review for some). The point is to take away 1-2 solid breakthroughs or distinctions that will pivot your business into explosive growth! And that is what most people don’t get…

I would like to thank the entire group for the warm welcome and we look forward to great things to come!